Monday, July 28, 2008

Digital Painting

Well, its 2:48am and I know I should be working on a commission but yet and still here I sit updating my hopelessly UN-updated blog. I read somewhere once that this is a form of procrastination; where I choose to do something else that I should do, but is less important than what ever it is I SHOULD be doing at that given time... but I digress.

This is a digital painting that I did for a lady who wanted a unique logo animation. It was done somewhere in the range of 35-40 min. She loved it when she saw it, but when she saw the price tag that came along with it (and the website I created to go along with it), she said it was far too expensive and tried to haggle me down to a price that was about 1/5 of what I originally wanted. Needless to say she didn't get this animation.

From that day forward I started requiring a 20% deposit on every commission, not to mention I tell people the prices up front...

Anyhow here are the painting steps (Click The Play button to watch)

The song is "Blue Man Group - TV Song"

The Programs I used were:

Adobe After Effects (for the video)
Camtasia Studio (for the recording)
OpenCanvas 1.1 (for the painting)
Adobe Flash (for the embedding)

err, and I Think thats all.


Here is the final still shot

Click to See A Larger Version