Thursday, June 5, 2008

...and so it begins.

On an average day I find myself sitting in front of this machine for a period of time greater than I'd care to admit. Staring at the warm glow of the screen, feeding from its hypnotic suggestion. Moments slip into hours, and hours slip into days, as a barrage of subliminal persuasion screams louder into my subconscious. All the while sitting quietly in darkest corner of my dimly lit room affectionately titled "My Studio." Infinite knowledge at my fingertips, the ability to ascertain the thoughts, feelings, and opinions of millions, billions even. All willingly accepted by my subconscious in the form of (often depraved) images, video, audio and text. Creating a symphony of knowledge beautifully orchestrated via HTML code, and interactive flash design. I, today sitting in my "rolly" chair, have gone mad. Mad in a society where perverted, and ignorant lunatics are praised and idolized with reality television shows; a society where religion is mocked, and looked down upon; a society that hungers, and lusts for meaningless power, and material things. A society that constantly misconstrues my kindness for weakness. I have gone mad in a time where going mad is the only cure for a greater insanity that is looked at as being normal. The Majority. I sit here today not only to finally create a blog, and showcase my artwork (my life), and join the ever increasing 'band-wagon' of my peers and co-workers. I have created this blog in an effort to release the fury of a mad man through scribblinz, and ramblings much like this one. In the form of video, audio, text, and images (not nearly as depraved). Rebelling against the majority. Against society.

This is me, a mad man joining the Blog Band-Wagon, and these are my Scribblinz.



Allen said...
this is the site i found.

Allen said...
this is the site for the compressors